SheepKnuckle collectivelyhave worked alongside Gob Squad,  Blast Theory, Quarantine,  Lone Twin,  Ridiculusmus, Michael Pinchbeck,  Niki Woods,  Mark Storor,  Nathan Birkinshaw and a countless number of volunteers, for which we are eternallythankful.

We have performed our works at The Contact Theatre,  The LowryTheatre,  Islington Mill,  The King’s Arms  Theatre (Salford),  Media Factory(Preston),  ArtsAdmin (London) , Parklife Festival  (Manchester). Z Arts,  Zoo (Manchester) and Lee Rosy’s tea rooms (Nottingham),

We graduated from Salford University together. We are supported byThe Future.



James was once on the fencing team, so naturally he offers a certain degree of protection.

He likes the technical side of things. Computers, codes and all the things that put the fear of God into Padraig.

Often,  you are able to find James amongst an ocean of instruction manuals and on the rare occasion throwing out some spectacularly unusual shapes on the dance floor.

He considers Charles Bukowski his favorite writer. He’s a nerd. He’s eccentric. He is a wonderful, wonderful friend.





Padraig is fascinated with the  beautyof things,  adopting a pie   in the skyattitude to concept often leaving  the   logistics  to trail behind. (someone will pick up the pieces)

But be careful; too many pieces and Padraig will take a sharp turn on the road.   Believing every  problem can be solved with a  drastic solution,  Padraig has that killer instinct that chopper could only dream of;

Often   you can see, hear,  predict,  foresee and imagine Padraig at Lake Bala. He really really likes Lake Bala.

Lake Bala. Lake Bala. Lake Bala.

He has held onto his thundercats   toy for 22 years.   He is myworst enemy. A vital Allie. A best friend.


Harry is much more than a scarecrow.
Harry is an opportunity for us to come to an agreement
Harry is our common ground
Harry is our mischievous side
Harry is when we contradict each other
Harry is our sober hearts
Harry is our drunken mistake
Harry is James’ reason
Harry is Padraig’s  Temper
Harry is us but he is also a scarecrow
Talk to harry (he makes more sense than we do)


Harry profile-2

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