Brave and startling truth

‘Hey I am really sorry to have to inform you though facebook. But I feel that this has gone down a path that I do not feel comfortable with and so I regret to tell you that for personal reasons I have to leave, I wish you luck. I want to reiterate the fact that this isn’t personal it is just a change in direction. I hope you wish me the same good will that I wish you both. Xx’

This message was sent by a close and distant friend.

This message was private, you are reading it now.

Brave and starling truth is an attempt to unravel the fragile nature of ownership and words in a culture that freely expresses itself on social media. It is an attempt to engage with a world where people are able to be more honest with a google search bar than they can be with their family. The ‘narrative’ is spread across and performed ‘live’ through the mediums Skype, Facebook, Twitter and finally in person It is the breakdown of connection; it is the celebration of freedom It is the Brave and Startling truth (in our eyes)

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