Digital Natives

Digital Natives uses a neutral set of eyes, (the camera) to attempt to capture the heart and spirit of cities, festivals and the everyday.

Capturing real moments of beauty from the mundane, with public interactions and occurrences created within a ‘authentic fiction’. Authenticity is exists within those pauses, gasps and hesitation brought about by our approach of gentle conversation.

We found authenticity comes from the intention or the unintentional performance. The performance becomes that of fiction. We found the public trust and know their relationship with the camera. They either perform to it or play down their own identities. Fiction is also the frame in which we choose to set it: The camera and animal like costume is as far as we go in ‘setting’ the scene.

‘Tell me who you are and who you was yesterday?’

This can only be answered with a pause…

The pause is what we are after…

The response is what we crave…

Digital Natives is an unedited journey through the lens of cinematography. It is a performance, it is a film, it is a screening and lastly it is an installation.



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