Do not answer back. Raise your right hand if you can hear me. Good.


Echo is a performance about the relevance of the ‘live’ in a mediatise society and the impending connection between human and their electronic shadow, their mobile devices.


The audience is confronted with an invitation to mandatory participation.


Echo explores the element of choice within participary performance and the element of choice within our mediatise society.  


The audience are plugged into mobile devices, instructed onto stage to awkwardly carry out the echoed voices thoughts, questions and directions.


The audience turned participants then build, create and facilitate the performance whilst the remaining audience await their turn, watching the awkward interaction that the relationship with the device creates.


The piece end with a uncertain celebration of technology. The piece ends with the conversation of the coming together of the ‘live’ and technological. Should it be celebrated be for better or worse? can technology help share a ‘live’ experience?


Echo attempts to answer that. 


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